Custom Software, Video Game Ownership, Data-Back-Tracking, and much much more

OkWeDoSoftware, is a Software Development Company, based out of Amsterdam, Holland. With 25+ years of existence and over 2000 affiliates around the globe, we provide the expertize to successfully execute any level of programming.

Do more then just play games on your phone, computer or tablet – we have well over 300,000 games in our vault. 

You can now purchase a pack of games that you can resell and make a good income from your pack of games. 

You decide how many you want, we host a site for you FREE for a year, all profits go directly to you!

ClossFile.com  –  There is nothing like it!

Hands down the most proficient method to find who took your data and where it is.

The CLOSS FILE’s Back-Tracking Technology, Will tell you who has stolen your data and where they are.

Hackers are everywhere – The ClossFile is one of, if not the best way to catch them.

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